Organisasjon for scenekjempere i Norge


For the 3rd time, we invite you to wintery Tromsø, northern Norway, for 9 days of fighting, fencing, falling, saunas, choice mead, snow baths and much, much more:
This unique workshop offers you the chance to experience, train and re-train in the whole curriculum of weapon disciplines offered by the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS):
Unarmed fighting
Single rapier
Sword and shield
Rapier and dagger
Theatrical martial arts (oriental unarmed styles)
Each day participants will study a new weapon, from technique through choreography to performance, complete with personal feedback sessions with the instructors.
It is possible to come for a single day, the whole 9-days course, or any number of days in between.
PLEASE NOTE: This year, the first 3 weapons will be taught at both an introduction/beginner level AND a certification level.
For the introduction level, participants need no previous background. See more info here:
For the certification level in Unarmed, Broadsword and Rapier, participants must have had 20 hrs of previous training per weapon they certify in.
For the remaining 6 weapons - Sword and shield, Rapier and dagger, Quarterstaff, Knife, Smallsword, TMA - participants must have completed the NSFS Basic Test, or document similar training up to this level.
On Saturday March 2nd, 10-12 AM, it will be possible to certify with the NSFS in the complete Basic Level (Unarmed, Single Rapier, Broadsword), 1 or 2 weapons from the Basic curriculum, or re-test in 1 weapon from either Intermediate 1 or 2 levels. However, you must get permission in advance from the workshop coordinator if you would like to do this.
For any further questions regarding training levels, certification, re-testing or other enquiries, please contact Kristoffer at
This workshop gives practitioners with some training a chance to try out weapons otherwise reserved for a later certification level, while also offering the seasoned practitioner new input and re-training. It is also good as preparation for the regular NSFS certification tests.
We will focus on technique and conditioning, while at the same time not forgetting the ever present element of storytelling. As everyone trains in the same subject every day, here´s a unique chance to compare fundamentals with advanced technique.
Head instructor:
Kristoffer Jørgensen (NOR) - Certified teacher, NSFS. Fight director, 100 + stage productions. AAI World Champion in Stage Fencing 2008 and 2012. Stunt coordinator and manager, Arctic Action, 50+ film and TV productions. President, Norwegian Academy of Artistic Fencing. Kristoffer is also an award-winning filmmaker and producer.
Other instructors to be announced.
Teaching language is English.
The course is arranged in 3-days modules, each covering the 3 weapons for an NSFS certification level.
Module 1
Fri 22.02 / 17-22 / Unarmed (Intro/intermediate)
Sat 23.02 / 10-17 / Rapier (Intro/intermediate)
Sun 24.02 / 12-19 / Broadsword (Intro/intermediate)
Module 2
Mon 25.02 / 10-17 / Sword and shield (Intermediate)
Tue 26.02/ 10-17 / Quarterstaff (Intermediate)
Wed 27.02 / 10-17 / Rapier and dagger (Intermediate)
Module 3
Thu 28.02 / 17-22 / Theatrical Martial Arts (Intermediate)
Fri 01.03 / 10-17 / Knife (Intermediate)
Sat 02.03 / 12-19 / Smallsword (Intermediate)
Sat 01.03 / 10-12 / Certification Tests
In addition, on most days there will be 1 hour of free time when weapons and facilities will be available for your individual training, also for certification preparations etc.
The earlier you sign up and pay for the workshop, the more reasonable it will be.
"Early bird" fee due BEFORE December 1st 2012:
Whole course = NOK 5000,-
2 modules = NOK 4000,-
1 module (3 days) = NOK 2000,-
1 day = NOK 1000,-
Fee AFTER December 1st 2012:
Whole course = NOK 6000,-
2 modules = NOK 5000,-
1 module (3 days) = NOK 2800,-
1 day = NOK 1200,-
10 % discount for NSFS members; membership dues must be paid before coming to the workshop.
Payment info will be sent to you on signing up for the workshop.
We encourage you to sign up on Facebook to show who´s coming. However, the REAL signing must be done by mail to this address:
Please note that signing up is binding, as we have a maximum number of participants.
We will supply reasonable housing for all participants from out of town. Keywords: Inflatable mattresses, somewhat spartan conditions overall, but plenty of cozy co-inhapitants with the same penchant for swashbuckling and swordslinging as you.
More on housing TBA; please send us a mail if you are interested in this offer.
There are a number of other housing possibilities in Tromsø, if you want to arrange your own, from moderate rental huts to pricy hotels. Go google.
For more info, please contact Kristoffer at